Edmonton Anger Management

Option 1

Anger Class Online

Online Anger management course consists of a set of twelve modules addressing various issues on anger such as warning signs, how to dealing with Anger and many more.

Online Anger Management

12 lessons - 8:00 hours
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Option 2

Private Sessions

Our one to one private anger management counselling program is for the individuals who like to complete the anger mangement program with a mast

One to one with a therapist

16 sessions/ - 16 hours
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Option 3

Court Orderd Anger Management

Are you asked to take Anger Management by Court, police, your lawyer or employer. We provide the certificate for that after competition of the whole program

comprehensive anger management

16 lessons - 16 hours
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Option 4


If your teenagr child is having anger outbroust ? This program is a praqcticle option to help minors understand the negative emotions, gain self-esteem and learn problem solve in postive manor.

Is your child aggressive verbally or physically, throw tantrums

5 Sessions - 5 hours
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Course 5

Work Life Balance Online Course

Work-life balance is outstanding because, for most of us, it is unbalanced. Employees state that employees should have this balance, and then their work pressures increasing up

Work Smart For Success and Meaning life

12 lessons - 8 hours
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Course 6

Conflict resolution Online Course

Discover methods to develop your interpersonal skills to manage difficult situations, disagreements, and interactions

How to Managing conflict with skill and confidence; Online

12 lessons - 8 hours
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Anger Management therapist



I am a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, Registered Professional Counselor, and Canadian Clinical Supervisor (CCS-AC) with 10 years of counselling  experience.

I has been helping individuals learn Emotional Intelligence ability  where they honor each other’s  individuality and where people can create loving safe, and fostering family environments for kids to grow and thrive within family.  I offer individual counselling  and couple’s therapy and emotional healing counselling in addition to anger management.

Why My Courses

Over ten years helping people be their best in their personal and professional lives


CBT Therapy based

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to get the destructive behaviour changed this kind of change:


Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology therapy to help people live a more meaningful, fulfilling, connected life to avoid anger.

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Mindfulness implemented

Mindfulness can reduce stress, give us tools for calming down and increase positive emotions

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